Q: Does the KC effect the AC inside the vehicle?


A: If you remove the heat exchanger or use a 3 way bypass valve it will not affect the in-cab temps. If you keep the heat exchanger than you will lose about 7 degrees.


Q: Doesn’t keeping the heat exchanger help the KC make colder temps?


A: NO, the KC generates ice cold fluid throughout the whole IC system. The fluid flowing through the heat exchanger will be much colder than the outside ambient temps, so the HE will be working to raise the temps of the IC fluid back up to outside ambient, and thereby putting a bigger load on your AC system.


We recommend either removing the HE, or installing a 3 way bypass valve. If you keep the HE you will lose about 10-15 degrees of cooling. So instead of 40 degree fluid temps, you’ll see 50-55 degree fluid temps.


Q: Does the KC shorten the life of the AC system?


A: No the KC will not shorten the life of your AC system. As long as you install and charge the system correctly.


Q: Since the KC piggy backs the vehicles AC won’t you lose horse power?


A: The AC system takes about 7 HP from the engine when engaged. Since the compressor kicks off at wide open throttle, and your IC fluid is your reserve, there is no power loss at WOT.


Also the system will prevent power loss due to supercharger heat soak, and timing retard. Average gain back on a stock setup is around 40-50 HP, and more for a modified setup.


Q: How much intercooler fluid should I have?


A: remember that the overall fluid capacity is your reserve. 1 gallon is minimum and no more than 3 to keep the chill down time short. 1 gallon will get you through the ¼ mile, but for optimal results we recommend 2-3 gallons total.