New Gen-3 Killer Chiller system measuring intercooler fluid temperatures on an 03 Cobra - outside temps were in the mid 80s. In this video the KC achieves 2 degrees Fahrenheit intercooler fluid temps!! Obviously the proper antifreeze mix is crucial to prevent freezing up.

This video is showing IC fluid Temps. First half shows temps under normal mode,
second half sows temps in drag mode.

 Kincaid Performance was formed in 2000 by Joe Kincaid, who had the idea of an active intercooler system for centrifugal supercharged equipped vehicles. Knowing that in a forced induction application the prime enemy is severe heat soaking due to pressurizing the air charge, and that hot air means less oxygen molecules inside the combustion chamber resulting in less power and an unsteady state prone to detonation, which Kincaid himself has personally experienced, as in broken pistons and expensive engine rebuilds.  Joe first designed, built and sold thermoelectric air to air systems, good for low boost applications, that worked on battery power with excellent results.




Later on as the 03-04 Cobras, and Lightning pickups started dominating the scene, Kincaid had to rethink the thermoelectric chiller systems for these vehicles, as the alternators were barely able to keep up with their own power requirements - let alone a system that required another 30-40 amps.


By utilizing a compressor driven AC system,  we were able to solve the power requirement problems. Knowing that AC technology is much more efficient compared to 10-20 years ago, and is not a big factor as far as parasitic drag was concerned, Joe set out to design and build a cost effective and extremely efficient chiller system for these popular forced fed vehicles. 

Now our AC driven KC systems dominate the market, and are the number one best choice for active cooling in the industry! 

Kincaid Performance has designed, built, and sold chiller systems for the Mustang, Lightning pickups, and is now designing, building and selling active chiller systems for the new Shelby GT500s, various imports and other models, not to mention the new fuel chillers for naturally aspirated high compression vehicles.


With dedication to extreme power and a love for speed, muscle and automotive beauty, Kincaid Performance is on the cutting edge of active intercooling for the forced fed community. 

Kincaid Performance is located in hot sunny Albuquerque New Mexico at 201 Eubank BLVD NE.

Killer Chiller system on 2012 GT500 with a VMP 2.3 stage 2 supercharger pullied for 23.5lbs of boost. This test shows intake air temps, and downstream air temps (IAT-2), in stop and go traffic on a 91 degree day

Total overall IC fluid capacity=1.25 gallons. IAT2 temps before the KC were 160+. That's a reduction of 55 degrees, and we also picked up almost 5 miles an hour going thru the traps! Before the KC we were seeing 119 MPH, and after the install we saw 123.85 MPH.

Regular day driving

Killer Chiller Systems test on 2012 GT500.

Total overall intercooler fluid capacity 2.25 gallons. Air charge temps before installation of killer chiller system were between 164 and 165 degrees going through the traps. With the killer chiller (KC) unit our downstream temps were between 105 and 98 degrees, depending on how long you let it chill down. That’s a reduction of over 65 degrees in air charge temperatures. We picked up a solid 5MPH using nothing but the addition of the KC 

2012 GT500, Stage 2 TVS supercharger pullied for 23.5 pounds of boost. Ford Racing cooling fan. 170 t-stat. Gen-3 Killer Chiller drag kit. Top number is intake temps. Bottom number is charge temps. Before the Killer Chiller kit our charge temps were 164-170 going thru the traps.

2015 Mustang KC Install

Note: customer decided to weld the mounting bracket on to the bumper, but is not necessery, as the kit comes with self tapping screws for easy mounting.

A system that's been in the works for quite some time is now ready to go. Big advantages for novice and professional racers. System is completely independent of vehicles AC system and doesn't disengage at WOT.

This is the new stand alone KC system. It uses its own lightweight, compact, but powerful electric AC compressor! Along with the rest of the components this system will allow the end user to generate ice cold intercooler fluid independent of the vehicles AC system. This system will be ideal for moderate to high HP vehicles. You can plug up at the track and chill your whole IC system down to near 0 degree temperature, then unplug and go. You can leave the unit running or you can turn it off for your run. This will also be ideal for open track, as the system never turns off unless you decide to turn it off. This system will keep generating ice cold intercooler (IC) fluid whether you’re in part throttle or open throttle.