**SALE** Normally $1550, kit is on sale until 15th of Nov for $1399

What Is a Killer Chiller Kit?

The Killer Chiller system is a refrigerated heat exchanger that lowers the vehicles charge temps below ambient and gives your car or truck engine back full power. It keeps the computer from pulling timing and stops power fade due to heat soak. Using a 30 plate 316 stainless steel construction it is pressure rated to just over twice the vehicles AC operating pressures. 

How It Works:

The Killer Chiller kit works by piggy backing the vehicles AC system, & provides ice cold intercooler fluid for below ambient air charge temps! The Killer Chiller prevents loss of power due to timing retard & heat soak! We also have standalone systems using a 120V AC compressor that runs off your 12V system. Kincaid Performance has been in business making active cooling systems since 2001.

Who Is It For?

The KC is for anyone looking to make full power on the street or at the strip. It will give you back on average 50 wheel HP and more depending on your mods. It will also protect your engine from damaging detonation, since it substantially lowers the air charge temps. If you drag race, be sure to get the drag add on with your kit.

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